A traffic simulation game exploring how small changes to roads affect cyclists, transit users, pedestrians, and drivers. - dabreegster/abstreet
Why on Earth did Facebook Just Acquire Mapillary?
Disclaimer: the views I express in my personal blog are just that: personal. They aren’t endorsed by my employer, my mother, my lawyer, or anyone else for that matter. The big news in the geospatial…
Reverse Engineering the Comtech AHA363 PCIe Gzip Accelerator Board
All this work was done in November last year. I haven’t worked on it since, but others have shown interest in picking this up, so it’s about time this gets thrown out in the open.
What happens when you update your DNS?
I’ve seen a lot of people get confused about updating their site’s DNS records to change the IP address. Why is it slow? Do you really have to wait 2 days for everything to update? Why do some people see the new IP and some people see the old IP? What’s happening? So I wanted to write a quick explor…