MAJ du 28/09/2020

Foo’s home page:

MAJ du 29/09/2020

Samsung TV owners complain about increasingly obtrusive ads
The ads appeared sometime in 2016 but it is now escalating

Stupid solutions: Live server push without JS:

Wireflow - user flow chart real-time collaborative tool - vanila-io/wireflow

MAJ du 30/09/2020

The High Privacy Cost of a “Free” Website – The Markup
Trackers piggybacking on website tools leave some site operators in the dark about who is watching or what marketers do with the data

It Is Never a Compiler Bug Until It Is :

Free and open source Product Information Management (PIM) system :

Firetable combines the power of Firestore with the simplicity of spreadsheets. Go beyond internal data portals! Unlock accessible Google Cloud Functions, Webhooks, automation, integrations with popular tools.

Cloudflare Radar :

MAJ du 01/10/2020

Say goodbye to hold music
Hold for Me helps you take your time on hold back, starting with an early preview on Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a (5G) in the U.S.
Code scanning is now available! - The GitHub Blog
Now available, code scanning is a developer-first, GitHub-native approach to easily find security vulnerabilities before they reach production.
DigitalOcean’s Hacktoberfest is Hurting Open Source
For the last couple of years, DigitalOcean has run Hacktoberfest, which purports to “support open source” by giving free t-shirts to people who send pull requests to open source repositories. In reality, Hacktoberfest is a corporate-s...
:small_airplane: My coding environments. . Contribute to cris691/environments development by creating an account on GitHub.
Some stuff about Hardware Hacking. Contribute to koutto/hardware-hacking development by creating an account on GitHub.

MAJ du 02/01/2020

How One Guy Ruined #Hacktoberfest2020 #Drama
Hacktoberfest If you aren’t familar, Hacktoberfest is an annual event that occurs every October. It is held by Digital Ocean and encourages developers to submit Pull Requests to Open Source repositories and as a reward you get a T-Shirt. There’s almo...
Escaping strings in Bash using !:q
TIL this trick, [via Pascal Hirsch]( on Twitter. Enter a line of Bash starting with a `#` comment, then run `!:q` on the next line to see what that would be with proper Bash escaping applied. ``` bash-3.2$ # This string ‘has single’ “and double”…
Flatpak - a security nightmare
Flatpak - a security nightmare