MAJ du 21/09/2020

Microsoft Teams as a platform - Jukka Niiranen
Teams started out as a pure collaboration tool, but it’s now becoming a platform for no-code, low-code and pro-code business apps.

MAJ du 22/09/2020

View PDF files in Firefox or choose another viewer | Firefox Help
You can view PDF files in Firefox using the built-in viewer or with a third-party tool. Learn more.
Blacklight – The Markup
A Real-Time Website Privacy Inspector
Self-Hosting Part 5: Finale
Just yesterday, I turned off iCloud on all my Apple devices. I then took a moment to savour my liberation from Apple’s walled garden. It has been over two years since I first dabbled in hosting my own blog server to finally disabling my iCloud account. There is a good
Lessons Learned from Running Postgres 13: Better Performance, Monitoring & More
Learn about smaller indexes with B-Tree Deduplication, Extended Statistics Improvements, Parallel VACUUM, improved WAL Usage Stats in Postgres 13, and more.
A Picture of Java in 2020 – IntelliJ IDEA Blog | JetBrains
This year Java hit an incredible milestone and reached the grand old age of 25 years. We celebrated its jubilee by running a special online Java day event, where lots of expert speakers shared their e

MAJ du 23/09/2020

Visualizing gzip compression with Python! - Stephen Brennan
In which I make some plots and decide they’re interesting
The Era of Visual Studio Code
Roben Kleene’s blog
How on earth can I ever think of a solution like that in an interview?! - vinta/fuck-coding-interviews
People expect technology to suck
A few jobs ago, I was helping someone with a small tech issue, standing over their shoulder at their computer. The screen was unbelievably dark; I’m not exaggerating when I say it looked to be near 0% brightness. For all I knew, this person had some vision sensitivity or just a basic personal prefer…

MAJ du 25/09/2020

Learn Git Branching
An interactive Git visualization tool to educate and challenge!
MacOS like Fonts on Manjaro/Arch Linux
Either you love gorgeous typography or just don’t care. If you are the former read ahead on how to make the font rendering on your Linux look just as awesome as that on macOS, else read on to find out what beauty you have been missing. I switched to a hackintosh for a while and fell in love with how…
An efficient PHP implementation built on GraalVM . Contribute to abertschi/graalphp development by creating an account on GitHub.
Serverless, peer-to-peer, local file sharing through sound - ggerganov/wave-share