8086 microcode disassembled : https://www.reenigne.org/blog/8086-microcode-disassembled/

A group video call for the web. No signups. No downloads. - vasanthv/talk
Learn the skills required to sysadmin a remote Linux server from the commandline. - snori74/linuxupskillchallenge

Snake in a QR code: https://itsmattkc.com/etc/snakeqr/

Winamp Skin Museum
Infinite scroll through 65k Winamp skins with interactive preview
We Didn’t Encrypt Your Password, We Hashed It. Here’s What That Means:
You’ve possibly just found out you’re in a data breach. The organisation involved may have contacted you and advised your password was exposed but fortunately, they encrypted it. But you should change it anyway. Huh? Isn’t the whole point of encryption that it protects data when exposed to unintende…
Automated service health dashboard. Contribute to TwinProduction/gatus development by creating an account on GitHub.
VS Code extensions I use to be more productive
We all use some VS Code extensions for our day to day development and are always on a hunt for more useful extensions. Here is a list of mine and how I use them: Peacock We have all been there when we have two editors open and coded in the wrong on...
A rest application to update firewalld rules on a linux server - prashantgupta24/firewalld-rest
Libvirt - The Unsung Hero of Cloud Computing — Vyom
Place where I write articles, essays and information on topics which interest me, to share with others

Writing system software: code comments. : http://antirez.com/news/124