MAJ du 13/07/2020

Torrent downloads and distributions for IP
Detailed statistic for torrent downloads and distributions for IP address

primo is an all-in-one IDE, CMS, component library, and static site generator :

Linux founder tells Intel to stop inventing ‘magic instructions’ and ‘start fixing real problems’
Linus Torvalds offered up some harsh comments on one of Intel’s CPU technologies.

MAJ du 14/07/2020

Sharing Pixelopolis, a self-driving car demo from Google I/O built with TF-Lite
Pixelopolis is an interactive installation that showcases self-driving miniature cars powered by TensorFlow Lite. Each car is outfitted with its own Pixel phone, which used its camera to detect and understand signals from the world around it. In order to sense lanes, avoid collisions and read traffi…
elttam :: Independent Security Assessment Services
elttam is an independent security company providing research-driven security assessment services. We combine pragmatism and deep technical insight to help our customers secure their most important assets.
Etcd, or, why modern software makes me sad
Once upon a time in 2013, there was a tool called etcd which was a really lightweight database written around the Raft consensus algorithm. This tool was originally written in 2013 for a bullshit unsuccessful project called CoreOS Container Linux that was EOL’d several years ago, but that doesn’t re…

MAJ du 15/07/2020

You’ve only added two lines - why did that take two days!
It might seem a reasonable question, but it makes some terrible assumptions: lines of code = effort lines of code = value all lines of c...
2.11BSD Original Tapes Recreation
In Search of 2.11BSD, as released Almost all of the BSD releases have been well preserved. If you want to find 1BSD, or 2BSD or 4.3-TAHOE BS...

MAJ du 16/07/2020

Everything You Need to Know About OAuth (2.0)
Boiling down to its core purpose, OAuth exists to provide third party applications limited access to secure resources without compromising the user’s data.
Hacking Reolink cameras for fun and profit
Dragging Reolink, kicking and screaming, into the light of the open-standards day
r/talesfromtechsupport - The Trick
1,148 votes and 97 comments so far on Reddit

MAJ du 17/07/2020

Procmon is a Linux reimagining of the classic Procmon tool from the Sysinternals suite of tools for Windows. Procmon provides a convenient and efficient way for Linux developers to trace the syscal...

Things I Wish I’d Known About CSS: